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  1. Litter of babies
    Litter of babies
  2. Whitey's litter
    Whitey's litter
  3. Walnut stretching
    Walnut stretching

On November 8th, 2017 Fay Fay and Fluffy had a litter of baby Top Eared and Dumbo Rats!

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Did you know...
Rats are clean, friendly, cute and fun to watch.

A cage with active, playful rats is like having a fishtank full of pets that you can actually pick up and cuddle whenever you want!

And, unlike fish, they are hardy, healthy and easy (and inexpensive) to care for.

Unlike hamsters or other small animals, rats rarely bite, and will come willingly to play with their owner.

Because of their small size, low cost, ease of care and gentle nature, rats are the ideal pet for most people.

And the ideal "Starter Pet" for children.

Our Dumbo and Top-Eared rats are especially cure and gentle.  Contact us today and ask us about our new litters!
Read about our rat's stories and look at our adorably cute family photos!